The prescription for all your facility maintenance needs.


The prescription for all your facility maintenance needs.

At FacilityRX Services, we know that facilities maintenance is essential to your business. Vendors and customers respond most favorably to well-maintained facilities and that is how we can complement your business most effectively.  Our approach to facility maintenance eliminates the need to manage multiple service contracts.

With the right facility maintenance program in place, your business will look better, perform better and operate better — while your overall brand benefits in measurable ways.

What We Do

We provide reliable and cost-effective facility maintenance nationwide for a diverse range of businesses, and organization including: healthcare, financial institutions, government, restaurant and retail.  We work to create a facilities management program for your business that runs like a streamlined, well-oiled machine. It all starts with working closely with you to understand your goals, objectives, and budget. Together we’ll develop an integrated plan that puts your facilities – and your brand – in the best possible light.  Call us to get started.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep facilities operating at peak efficiency for our clients.  You can expect the highest level of service related to all aspects of your maintenance program when working with us.


FacilityRX Services is affiliated with a number of commercial construction, electrical, facilities management associations, including:


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